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Baby Names by Nakshatra , Rashi and Astrology

Choosing baby names by nakshatra and rashi plays a vital role in shaping your child's life, character and destiny. Certain syllables are very important and it is considered lucky if you start your kid's name with these syllables depending on nakshatra your kid is born under. The nakshatra will provide a syllable or sound and you can choose any name that starts with that sound.

Parents generally consult astrologers and numerologists to know the nakshatra and hence the correct syllable to bring luck to their baby. To decide baby names by nakshatra and rashi is considered to be auspicious in India.

Nakshatras or birth stars are actually star signs that are used in astrology to do future predictions. When the Moon travels it passes through twenty-seven sections also known as "lunar houses" and each of these lunar houses has one dominant star or constellation. These twenty-seven houses are called nakshatras in Vedic astrology. The nakshtras give astrologers an insight into your baby's personality and help you choose the correct name for him/her. This is the reason many parents consult nakshatras before deciding the name of their kid.